Find out how to store garden equipment to keep it in great shape, saving you time and money long-term.

During lockdown many of us got more into gardening than before. The country went gardening crazy, which means we all have extra tools and gardening equipment than before the pandemic.

Having the right tools to maintain your beautiful, post-pandemic garden is important, and maintaining them should also be a priority. Without the right care, tools can degrade and be dangerous, or impossible to use. This means wasted time fixing them up, or wasted money having to replace them.

In this post we want to share a few tips with you to help you keep your gardening equipment in great shape. Storing them properly is so important when it comes to keeping them working well, and keeping your outdoor space looking stunning.

Cleaning Your Tools

It is important to clean any cutting tools after use for two reasons. The first reason, is so that any bacteria or disease from the plants is not transferred around the garden between uses. The second reason is to prevent rust, an instant garden tool killer.

Drying Your Tools

To store your tools properly they should be dry. If you leave them out in the rain, or store them wet, they will degrade and rust fairly quickly.

Protect Your Tools

In the Spring and Summer a shed, storage box or garage are ideal places for tools you need regular access to. This protects them from the elements, and from theft. If you are struggling for space, cheap self storage could be an option if you are close enough to gain regular access. Alternatively, cheap self storage is helpful in the winter for longer term tool storage, freeing up indoor shed space for winter potting and gardening.

Pack Carefully

Packing tools away carefully is so important. If you don’t, you could end up hurting yourself with exposed blades and points sticking out, or liable to fall. Packing them well also helps them avoid scratching and general damage. For general daily use, old towels and sheets will probably work well to store garden equipment.

Getting Organised

An unorganised shed, storage box or cheap self storage unit is bad news for garden tools. They can get stood on, placed under heavy items that crush them and get damaged in other ways because of the chaos. If you have to rummage in any way for tools, then the chances are you need to organise your tool storage. Ask yourself the following questions to help improve your tool organisation:

  • Could the tools be stored in groups of their type?
  • Could the tools be stored in more compact boxes?
  • Is labelling something that could help the tools stay organised?
  • Could tools be hung up instead of placed in boxes?

Organising your tools in a way that works well for the way you work with your garden, will help protect them in storage.


Are there old tools you store that you don’t need to store? Is it possible that you could half the amount of gardening equipment you have? Think about decluttering your collection, or stripping down your shed or garden box to make room for the things you really need.

The tips above can help you store garden equipment properly to keep your tools in great shape. The better shape your garden tools are in, the better your garden is likely to look and function moving forward.