Find out how to ensure your cheap self storage unit remains free from bugs and rodents, so your belongings stay in great shape all year round. All great cheap self storage facilities do everything they can to ensure pests are not an issue in their units. However, unit tenants can also do their bit to prevent pest infestations occurring, especially if the unit is outdoors. Here are our top tips to help you keep your self-storage unit pest free:

Use Excellent Containers

Where possible your belongings should be packaged properly. This means that cardboard storage or plastic bags might not cut the mustard. Plastic boxes will help to protect against moisture and pests that like to chew through wood and cardboard. Just be sure to avoid packing anything wet, damp or mouldy as plastic containers will only make the issue worse.

Check EVERYTHING For Pests

From old clothes that could have moths, to antiques prone to woodworm and bags in your garage that have been stored for a while, it pays to check everything before bringing it to the storage unit. It is also important to check the storage unit itself for any signs of pest issues. Checking sooner means you don’t pay later.

Stick To The Rules To Keep Pests Away

Storage facilities usually ban the supply of organic materials and other things to ensure that pests are not attracted to the units. So don’t store anything edible, and follow all the rules given to you by the facility to ensure pests stay clear of your unit.

Be A Regular Visitor

It is a good idea to regularly tend to your storage unit anyway, to ensure everything is as it should be, and to clear any new dust or debris, or catch any issues with stock quickly. This should involve not only looking at your things, but opening boxes and moving everything around so you’re not missing any little cosy corners animals could be hiding in. A clothes rack might look fine until you take a coat off and find there are loads of holes in it, or you pull a book out of a box only to discover a hole in the corner. Check everything regularly to catch any hidden problems with pests in your unit.

Doing this will help you find any rodent or insect infestations before they get out of control.

Choose A Vigilant Self Storage Facility

A vigilant self storage facility will do everything it can to keep pests out of units. When you choose the facility, check for cleanliness and ask them what they do for pest control. The best facilities will have a good answer for you and be able to tell you all the things they do to avoid any pests becoming an issue on their premises. These tips for keeping your self storage unit pest free will help you keep your belongings in great condition. Choose a great unit, be vigilant and regularly check your things. Even if preventative measures don’t work, at least catching the issue quickly means it won’t get out of hand.