Self storage is a great way to store your vintage camera equipment, but there’s a right way to do it. Here we look at how to effectively store your camera in local self storage.

Do you have an amazing selection of vintage cameras from the 20’s? Love collecting old manual lenses and selling them on? Do you have a thing for rare cameras that are difficult to find on the open market?

If you’re a serious camera collector and you either don’t have room at home any more, or you simply want an organised, dedicated space, then a local self storage facility is a great option for you.

Right now, thousands of people are storing their vintage camera collections in a cheap self storage unit. A great way of keeping their collection secure and protected. There is however, one catch. The only way to ensure this kind of camera storage is completely effective is by storing the cameras properly.

Here are some top tips to ensure your camera collection stays in excellent condition for years to come:


If your analogue camera came with its own case then it should remain in that case for storage. Hard cases are preferable because they offer more protection. However, a soft case that was designed for your camera is also a good choice because any case is better than no case.

Before the camera goes into the case take the battery out and remove any other accessories. Ensure all accessories are placed into their own protective containers.

Once everything is detached and has a case or container to go into, you need to check it is all dry before placing it in storage. Any dust, debris or moisture will lead to damage and potential mould growth. Adding silica bags to your camera case is a really good idea as this will absorb any excess moisture.

Once the items are safely packaged make sure they go to climate controlled storage. Otherwise heat and cold will have a direct effect on your equipment. Once in storage, make sure their containers are labelled so you don’t crush them with other equipment or boxes.

Regularly get the equipment out of their containers and use it to keep the mechanics lubricated.


When storing digital cameras much of the same rules apply as with storing vintage cameras. You will still want to store in a climate controlled self storage unit. You will also want to avoid humidity with the tips given above. Remove all components from the camera and use the camera regularly to keep it lubricated.

The only extra advice is to ensure you keep your digital camera away from any electronic item that gives out a magnetic field. Being exposed to this long term could damage the camera’s LCD and other parts inside it.

Cameras and their accessories can be worth hundreds if not thousands of pounds, but at the very least they are worth the love and enjoyment of the owner. Follow the tips above to ensure every time you return to your personal self storage unit to tend to your cameras, they are in great condition.