Looking to live in Cambridge as a digital nomad? This easy guide will give you all the information you need to know to thrive in this beautiful city.

Living as a digital nomad is a popular life choice, especially post-pandemic as many of us reach for a freer schedule that allows for a great work/ life balance.

Although many digital nomads choose to travel the world, some prefer to live in beautiful cities like Cambridge, even if just as a base between adventures abroad.

Cambridge is a fantastic place to live and work as a digital nomad, or remote worker. It is within a commutable distance to London, which is really useful for business meetings. It also has various stunning neighbourhoods to live in and explore, plus some fantastic self storage options, opening up the possibility of living in any accommodation that takes your fancy.

If you’re a digital nomad and you’re considering Cambridge as your next stop, this guide has everything you need to get started with your plans:

Living In Cambridgeshire

You can live in Cambridge itself if you don’t mind living in more of a built-up area. There are rooms to rent, flats, maisonettes and houses aplenty. Cambridgeshire as a whole can also give you more options when it comes to surrounding neighbourhoods. There are multiple areas to choose from depending on the kind of community you want to live in.

Meldreth, The Shelfords, Ely, Foxton, Waterbeach, Shepreth and Whittlesford are popular commuter towns, but if you want to save a bit of money and live in a cheaper area, look in the following postcodes: PE13, PE16, PE15, PE14, PE26 and CB7.

When it comes to commuting itself, or just getting around for meetings and things like that, Cambridgeshire is really well connected. The city itself has a lot of bus connections which are handy to hop onto once you get there on the train, or you use a park and ride. It also has some good cycling routes if you want to keep things eco-friendly and healthy.

If you’re driving, there are several major roads intersecting in Cambridgeshire which is useful, but it can make driving a little busy at times because of congestion. If you plan your journeys well, the major roads leading you to various parts of the country are really useful for meetings and also travelling around other counties if you want a change of scenery.

Otherwise, it is the rail network that is the main way to get around the county. You can get around Cambridgeshire and between Cambridgeshire and London easily on the train. For trips further afield, you can easily get to areas of the Midlands, Norwich and Stansted, and further North through changes at Peterborough, which is only an hour away.

Digital Nomad

Working As A Digital Nomad Or Remote Worker In Cambridgeshire

Of the top ten locations for digital nomads, London is listed as number two, topped only by Bali, Indonesia. Whilst Cambridgeshire isn’t London, London is within just over an hours commute time on the train from pretty areas like Meldreth, which is only 20 minutes from Cambridge itself. So if you are moving to Cambridgeshire as a commuter, you will find your working commute really easy. When you get home, you’ll have plenty of green space and a welcoming community to enjoy, so you can breathe outside of the dizzying offerings of the capital.

As a Digital Nomad there are also plenty of places to work in Cambridgeshire if you don’t fancy staying at home for the day and you’re not commuting elsewhere. All kinds of coffee shops in Cambridge are setup for people who work from a computer. You can also utilise cheap self storage if the facility allows you to work in your unit, which can be handy if you want an office away from home without paying for an actual office contract. 

If you’re looking for a like-minded community whilst you work in Cambridgeshire there are various coworking spaces to book into, some with free passes to try before you commit to a desk contract. Many also offer daily rates so you can try different spaces to see which work well for you.

Downtime As A Remote Worker In Cambridge

Cambridge has so much to it, not just a world-renowned university, which is phenomenal, but perhaps not enough of a draw to the area for a digital nomad.

Visually, there are multiple gorgeous landmarks of old and new architectural design, from crooked little streets, to huge feats of engineering in just one towering building. 

If you’re more of a nature lover, you can get lost in the many wonderful green spaces in Cambridgeshire. The Backs, Wandlebury Country Park and Nature Reserve, Milton Country Park, Jesus Green and Midsummer Common are all great options for a wander and a picnic. If you want something more planty and organised, the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens are a haven for anybody who loves seeing all kinds of plants in one place. The cafe is great for a little pick-me-up after a wander around too.

If you enjoy good food, drink and shopping, Cambridgeshire is a really great place to live. From good pub grub, to exquisite fine dining, fashionable boutiques and crafty markets, you can enjoy the very best downtime when you’re not hard at work online.

Will Cambridgeshire Be Your Next Digital Nomad Adventure?

Cambridgeshire has a lot to offer any digital nomad or remote worker looking to find a good quality of life in addition to excellent transport links and a working community.

With various beautiful suburbs to choose from and a thriving economy, Cambridgeshire should definitely be your next digital nomad location. And if you need somewhere to store your belongings while you’re finding a new home then, where else but Cambridge Self Storage.