If you are considering moving to a new area it could be because of a new job or to be closer to your existing work so you can cut down on your commute, or you want a better lifestyle for your growing family. There are any number of reasons why you might want to up sticks and move somewhere completely different but before you do don’t forget to do some background checks on the area so you know what to expect – good and bad.

And if you are not sure whether the area will be right for you then you can always rent there for a while so you can try it out for yourself. This is becoming increasingly common now that the cost of moving house is so high and house prices uncertain. People just don’t want to take a risk anymore so just store their things in self-storage for 6 months and give the new area a try first before moving to a new house of their own..

But if renting first is not feasible for you then here are some ways to minimise the risk of moving to an area that doesn’t suit you:

Check Amenities

This is a fairly easy one to do either by driving around or just checking online. Look for what is important to you: shops, sports facilities, open spaces, restaurants etc.


The Schools Issue

Even if you don’t have children or your children are grown up checking out the local schools can be a good indicator of the type of area. It will help you decide if it is right for your. Some localised areas command a high price premium because they are in the catchment area of an excellent school but if you don’t need the school you can usually find the same sort of house for less sometimes just a few streets away.


Environmental Issues

Towns and villages with attractive rivers running through them are often highly desirable but if the area has become more prone to flooding then that could be a major turn-off. Think about insurance costs or whether you could even get insurance at all. Some insurers will insure their existing customers but not take on new customers in highly risky areas so it’s important to consider these factors and not just think about lovely walks by the river and a drink on a summer’s evening in a riverside pub.


We can all tolerate noise to a lesser or greater degree so if you are considering moving into a busy city or close to a motorway, trainline or airport make absolutely sure you can deal with the noise. Many houses in those areas are well insulated for sound when the windows are closed but what about when the weather is hot and you want you windows open at night. Would you find the noise bearable. But do consider that you will often get much more for your money near a trainline, motorway or airport so it is not a black-and-white decision.