Find out about the best decluttering podcasts that can help inspire you to lead a more organised life.

A lot of focus is on the big spring clean right now as the weather warms up. Are you struggling to muster up the energy to get started? Are you looking at your cluttered personal storage and wondering how you’re going to sort it all out?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

There are tons of amazing decluttering podcasts out there that can give you handy tips and inspiration to approach decluttering in a different way. Here are our top podcast recommendations:

The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus are both famous for the well known Minimalism documentary that truly took the lifestyle to the forefront with its frank and honest look at consumerism. The podcast continues with this honest view of the world and how to bring simplicity and meaning to your life again by living with less. If you want to really get stuck into the ethos and foundations of minimalism in the modern world, this is the podcast for you.

Listen (and watch!) here:

A Slob Comes Clean

You will enjoy the humour and insight that comes with this podcast providing a wide range of organisation, decluttering and cleaning tips. The host is super-relatable so do give this podcast a listen if you need to feel like somebody really understands how difficult being disorganised can be.

An Uncluttered Life

Sometimes we find it so hard to make changes because we don’t truly know why we have such inbuilt disorganisation in the way that we live our lives. This podcast looks at why we lead a cluttered life so that we can then fix that problem and start making much better habits.

The Productive Woman

If you are looking for a podcast that appeals to women only then you will love this one. It tailors advice and information to women who want to accomplish big things with their life and can be helped with that through time and life management.

The Art Of Decluttering

This podcast is made by experts on decluttering who actively sell their services to clients. They can provide a lot of insight into organisation and decluttering based on their professional experience, which is great because it shows their tips work in real situations.

Practising Human

Cory once lived as a Buddhist Monk so he has a fascinating insight into mindfulness and meditation. He draws on his experience to provide insights into finding fulfilment away from the things we buy and surround ourselves with.

Minimal-ish: Realistic Minimalism

If you need decluttering advice that is as real as it gets then this is the podcast for you. It discusses the trend of minimalism and how it can feel like a competition at times. Out of these insights and chats comes a true idea of the tools that can help real families with real clutter issues.

Hopefully these 7 suggestions for decluttering podcasts can help you to take five minutes this weekend and learn some new minimalism methods. Spring cleaning is all well and good but we can all benefit from new tips and tricks from time to time.

At the very least you will get five minutes to drink some tea and listen to something new, and at most you may learn some tools that could transform your approach to clutter.