Moving house? Avoid accidents and issues with these 6 tips and tricks to make moving house safer and for minimal stress and accidental damage during this stressful process.


If you are moving house you have a lot to think about without having to deal with strained backs, falls, trips and other issues as well. The good news is that it is all mostly avoidable, especially with these 6 helpful tips:


1.   Lift Properly

One of the most common ways that people hurt themselves during a house move is by lifting heavy items incorrectly and then hurting themselves as a result. It could be a simple back strain, or even totally putting your back out. The good news is that you only have to lift items properly, perhaps following the directions in this video, and you can avoid getting hurt when lifting.


2.   Avoid Paper Cuts

It can help to wear gloves when you are packing a house and moving house because of dust and debris and other things, but also because of paper cuts. Paper cuts are more common than you might think when moving house, and they can be really painful. By wearing gardeners gloves when you are handling boxes and similar materials at home, or in your affordable self storage unit, you can protect yourself against these kinds of injuries.


3.   Package Sharps Well

You can’t package sharps well enough when it comes to moving house. Literally anything that can poke through a box or a bag needs to have padding attached to the sharp end and that needs to be taped on securely. Sharp items can be very dangerous and should never be left open or uncovered, even deep inside a box.


4.   Have Masks Ready

It may sound a little overkill but, masks are for more than preventing Covid-19 spreading. Are they great for stopping everyone spreading germs? Yes. They can also help you avoid breathing in dust and debris, of which there is plenty during a move. Not to mention all the chemical spritz from cleaning products, unless you choose to use naturally made products of course.


5.   Prepare For Ice & Snow

If you are moving in the winter it may be that adverse weather could impact the safety of your house move. Carry some salt and grit in a bucket with you as well as some cardboard and some grippy shoes. All of these measures can help to protect you if you end up moving house and the weather turns.


6.   Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Sadly, there are opportunists around and they may well take advantage of you when you move house. This could be by taking items from the van or car as you pack it, or by breaking into your home having watched that you have left. It could even be by taking items from you in person. By being smart about how you pack your vehicle, when you pack it and who you tell about moving house, you can hopefully avoid these scenarios. By keeping your eyes peeled too, you can also change what you’re doing to avoid the chance of criminals acting on opportunities they see.


Hopefully, with the six tips above you can avoid accidents and safety issues during your move. Soon enough you’ll be settling into your home in one piece, injury-free and ready to make happy new memories moving forward!