A news report has shown that those who privately rent are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety than those who own their own homes. This concerning statistic about private renters is thought to be because of the link between issues with financial security and poor mental health.


Clearly, the way to amend this issue is complex. It goes all the way from the individual and their personal anxiety control, through to the politics of the situation and the role of the government in housing. However, there are some simple techniques renters can use to feel somewhat in control, if at least to curb some of the feelings of anxiety that can be so difficult to handle. Let’s take a closer look:


Self Storage

Self storage is a great way to have somewhere separate from any accommodation that you know is safe, secure and affordable. It’s very helpful for storing furniture, hobby items, seasonal clothing and more, so you can make the most of your rental and ensure that you don’t worry about the clutter looking bad to your landlord during inspections.


Mould Control Knowledge

It is up to your landlord to ensure your accommodation is damp-free and they have to deal with any large amounts of black mould. However, some properties are prone to the problem and it can be helpful to know how to deal with it quickly so you keep the space healthy, and so your landlord does not get the impression you’re leaving the house to deteriorate. This is specifically a preventative tip as landlords do have a responsibility to deal with large amounts of damp and black mould and it’s important you’re aware of your rights when it comes to that issue.

To help avoid black mould, do ventilate the property as much as you can and avoid drying clothes inside. Even if you visit a laundrette once a week to dry your washing off, it’s better than drying it inside and letting moisture build up. If you do see any condensation, wipe it away as quickly as you can. You can also use anti-mould sprays to eradicate any small spots that come up. Those sprays also help to prevent further mould issues.


Know The Rules

Knowing what your landlord thinks about things like decorating, relocating furniture they provide etc helps you to know you are completely following the rules. Guesswork doesn’t lead anywhere positive with this kind of thing, so the more aware of the rules you are in your rental, the more you can follow them.


Acknowledge The Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes it is important to acknowledge the very worst that could happen so that you realise there is a way out of it. If you’re anxious about paying for your rental it is much better to acknowledge that earlier rather than later. What would happen if you couldn’t afford accommodation? Who would you stay with? Could you put your things into storage? Could you make up the money for rent by getting help from the government? How about doing extra work? Acknowledge and face all the different scenarios and the real time situation you are in now. The chances are things aren’t as bad for private renters as you think, and ultimately you have a roof over your head and will have a roof over your head in the future, even if it’s that of your parents or a friend. By acknowledging how this might happen you can also prevent that now by taking action now, rather than things escalating.


Have A Get-Out Plan

It can help to know you are working towards a future that does not involve a rental. For many people renting is part of the future. However, there can be a way to save for a deposit for a home, or even consider living a different life in a tiny home or a van. Knowing there is a future for you where things feel more secure in a way that makes sense to you is important. It can give the future more hope and take the anxiety out of your current situation, too.


Everything Will Be OK

Having anxiety as private renters is hard going, but there are ways and means to feel more secure, and to work your way out of various challenging situations. At the very least, know you are not alone and that many people feel how you feel. Things will get better, and in the meantime, don’t be afraid to speak out if things feel tough. There is support available, even if you just get some things off your chest. Anxiety is very difficult to live with and you can find more resources and help on the Anxiety UK website.